Top 100 Most Influential Music Blogs & Publications in the World


This index is perfect for anyone who needs to know the top 100 influential music blogs and online publications in the world. Whether you are working in press, or simply want to discover the best music blogs and publications, the SOS 100 is the right guide for you.

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Lots of Music Blogs Researched

We researched thousands of music blogs & online music publications to pinpoint the top 100 in the world. Publications were compiled from first hand knowledge, sourced from blogger outreach tools, and 1000s submitted by those who downloaded our Spring 2014 Index. We want to have the most accurate list in the industry and welcome your additions. Use the form on this page to get in touch.

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Which Music Sites are Included?

Our index includes publications whose main activity is to provide online music reportage. To level the playing field, we have excluded publications that are a direct extension of commercial print magazines, newspapers, and radio stations. Forums and online boards are also excluded. We’ve also used our editorial discretion to omit some sites due to lack of updates, quality issues or otherwise.

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Are these the Most Influential?

Influence is quite subjective, but this Index is certainly the best measure of global music influence to date. To keep things simple and transparent, we have based this index on Klout scores. Yeah yeah we know Klout is so 2012, but as a simple tool to measure online influence, it does a decent job, using more than 400 signals from eight different social networks to update its scores on a daily basis.

Which Music Genres

Which Music Genres are Covered?

The sites contained in the Style of Sound 100 cover popular music genres such as alternative, electronica, dance, hip hop, folk, soul, pop, rock, punk and others. Many blogs strictly adhere to one music genre whilst others tread into multiple categories.

Social Validator

Social Validator

As Klout scores are updated daily, we measured the Klout scores for each site multiple times in June and July 2014 to derive a composite score which we present in our Index. To see a publication’s real time Klout score simply visit and do a search. We will update this list in the Winter 2015.

Do with this index

What Can I do With this Index?

This index is an excellent way to discover new music blogs and publications. It can can also be used by bands, publicists and other marketeers to promote their music, prioritise their advertise spend, or refine their knowledge of who’s who in online music.