Become an Online Music Expert

The SOS 100 is ideal if you’re looking to become an expert in the top 100 influential music blogs and online publications in the world. The first guide of it’s kind, the SOS 100 tracks the most important sites that are actively engaging music fans today.

– Summer 2014 Edition

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Everything You Need

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    What Can You do With this Index

    The SOS 100 enables you to quickly pinpoint the websites you can leverage to help you with music promotion. It can also be used to help companies prioritize their advertising spend. For music fans, use it to discover new music and help you polish your knowledge of who’s who in online music.

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    Build Your List Fast

    The SOS 100 is a short cut to finding the best music publications in the world. Organised by Klout score and country, each site is presented with a brief description and screenshot, allowing you to digest each one of the 100 sites fast.

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    Enjoy the 100 Without the Hard Work

    We do all of the hard work, researching 1000s of music sites to pinpoint the top 100 in the world. Anyone who has carried out music influencer research knows just how time consuming the process is, especially when many music sites are not up to scratch.

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    Who's Included?

    The SOS 100 includes online music sites whose main activity is to provide music reportage. We’ve excluded sites that are an extension of print magazines, newspapers, radio stations, forums and online boards. We’ve also used editorial discretion to omit sites that are of poor quality.

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    Are these the Most Influential?

    Influence is subjective, but the SOS 100 is the best measure of global music influence to date. For this index, we measured the Klout scores for 1000s of music sites in 2014 to create an index of the 100 most influential.

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    Explore Outside Your Boundaries

    The sites contained in the SOS 100 cover genres such as popular music, indie, dance, hip hop, folk, soul, pop, rock, punk and others. Many sites cover only one music genre, whilst others are more generalist, treading into multiple genres.

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