Feedback: A Peek into the Online Shopping Habits of the Modern Music Fan

Feedback: A Peek into the Online Shopping Habits of the Modern Music Fan

There are basically only three types of online music shoppers; those who buy it, those who stream it, and those who steal it.

Last year, we asked everyone who downloaded a copy of our Style of Sound 100 a few questions about where they get their music, and over 1,600 highly engaged music readers responded.

Here’s the topline findings of what we discovered:

Do you buy music online?

Yes 70%
No 24%%
Streamer 5%

Readers who answered ‘no’ to this question either purchased music in brick and mortar shops only, or downloaded music illegally.

We wanted to find out more about our readers’ attitudes to illegal music downloads and posed this question:

Is it OK to download music without paying for it?

Yes 62%
No 22%%
Undecided 16%

As you can see, many readers think downloading music illegally is actually ok, which only confirms the worst for those still hoping they can rely on album sales to survive as a business.

Saying this, there’s an interesting point in another question we asked about where people buy their music.

Where do you buy your music online?

  • iTunes
  • Bandcamp
  • Direct from the Artist
  • Direct from the Label
  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • Beatport
  • Juno
  • Bleep
  • Boomkat
  • Other

Quite surprisingly, iTunes dominates the online music sphere with nearly half of our readers choosing to buy their music here. But what is actually more interesting is that 26% of our readers purchase their music from Bandcamp or directly from the artist via their website, meaning that readers are willing to support artists directly given the means to do so.

In terms of electronic music purchases, many readers choose Beatport as their first port of call followed by Juno, Bleep and Boomkat. I suppose you can say that a lot of our readers are into their electronic and dance music 🙂