Lexicon: Banger

Lexicon: Banger

A Banger is a term used by music writers to describe any track which is extremely good and worthy of the peak-time section of your playlist. More often than not however, modern day bangers merely allude to songs which are loud and noisey.

Dance music writers appear to use the term more than twice as much as indie music writers, but that’s not to say that indie music isn’t filled with its fair share of bangers.

How does a banger sound?

Towards the end of last year, New York based Battles released their third album La Di Da Di on Warp Records and according to a write up on Bleep, the lead single ‘The Yabba’ qualified as a ‘proper banger’.

Watch this banger come to life in sound and vision:

If you read yesterday’s hypnotic piece, you’ll have experienced 3 Channels new banger on Kompact.

Seven Examples of Bangers

  1. “Two guys and four machines are the only ingredients for these old school bangers.”
  2. “This new material presents itself not so much as the collection of DJ-ready peak-time bangers that some would’ve expected, but as what we admiringly would call a total trip.”
  3. “A thick synth stab is building up over a tight 909-beat, wooden percussion to a big crescendo which makes this track a peak time banger.”
  4. “If that madness weren’t enough, there’s a digital bonus track which is an absolute bomb if you’re into lower tempos and hip hop inflected bangers.”
  5. “The much-acclaimed producer introduces the title track with breezy, shimmering arpeggios that are soon joined by a weighty, throbbing bassdrum – a lean and mean stealth banger that stands as unwavering as it is playful.”
  6. “These are lurid and neon hyper-real bangers of the best and most giddily enjoyable sort.”
  7. “The A-side contains a heavy southern rock banger while the flip side features two new wave / popish edits of tracks that are just too good to get lost in time.”

Heard any good bangers recently?