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Boys Get Hurt

Yuki Abe AKA producer & DJ Boys Get Hurt makes rather nice music that makes you want to dance all night. More specifically, he expertly crafts bouncy disco-house music with sprinklings of electronica, indie, ambient, hip-hop and R&B, but within each track there’s a strong sense of emotion inspired by the melancholic feelings which the changing of seasons inevitably bring about. Yuki lives in Tokyo.

What qualities make an amazing song?

I think it’s depend on how much you really want to tell something to the other person.

Who do you respect?

Kobo Abe.

What do you love most about living in Tokyo?

Always trying new things with a traditional twist.

What sound best describes Tokyo?

What's your favourite beverage?

Iced Coffee

What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?

Grilled mutton dish in Hokkaido. Basically every food of Hokkaido is amazing but…

Do you believe in love at first site?

YES. Because you can read so many things on first contact, especially if you really focus on knowing.

What are you listening to right now?

What are your favourite cities around the world?

Hawaii,London,Paris,Taipei,Korea. These are only cities I’ve ever visited. I hope i could visit more in future.

Where would you like to travel if it was your last journey ever?

Hawaii is a special place for me. I used to visit every year in my childhood.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I think lots of music I discover on Youtube. I love to explore music both sonically and visually.

What sound drives you crazy?

Yes. I like to read horror stories and almost of them are fiction. But sometimes true stories can be more terrifying. So this is very rare, but you can find true madness in humans.

Are you more of a rule breaker or rule follower?

Basically I’m rule breaker. I hate to do things that someone else tells me to do. I never want to do things like anyone else. Music is the one best way to make my own way. I really respect people who find their own way. Only these people make history.

What's your all time favourite album?

What's your motto?

Keep positive. No excuse for own music and activities. Do what I like whatever the situation. Treat people with kindness, especially woman and kids. Never have cigarettes and drugs. Drink coffee everyday.

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