Peter Zimmermann – Reworks on Emerald & Doreen

Peter Zimmermann’s Reworks Colour Palette

This strong colour palette is taken from Peter Zimmermann’s recent reworks album containing an amazing cast of insanely talented nu disco, synth loving, Italo-inspired producers & artists who teamed up to remix the greatest anthems of Peter’s recent album From Germany with Love.

Talents include James Rod, Nicolas Chenard, Aux tha Masterfader, Statickman, Disco Chillio, Dim Zach, and Cebit. We suggest using these colours in works which require visual memories of magical places where electric flowers bloom and naked fairies ride on unicorns.

Colours in the Reworks Palette

Daytona – Palm Tree on Emerald & Doreen

Daytona’s New Album Colour Palette

As a break from the winter grays and blues which have filled our pages recently, we’d like to present to you this Summer 2017 colour palette from Daytona’s excellent Palm Tree release on Emerald and Doreen. The yellows and greens remind one of lazy summer afternoons listening to Balearic House, Downtempo, Synth, and Disco tracks – all trademark sounds of Daytona himself. With tropical cocktail close at hand, use these colours in your upcoming projects if you’d like to infuse your work with a summer edge.

Colours in the ‘Palm Tree’ Palette

Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma – New Born Remixes

Sounds of Sputnik feat. Ummagma Remixes Colour Palette

These winter colours are taken from Sounds of Sputnik‘s collection of remixes from their recently re-released LP New Born. Use the colours in your projects to convey visually a ‘shoegaze post-rock dream space rock’ meets ‘dream house disco noise experience’ swathed in shades of aura orange, black onyx, vivid red and more.

Colours in the ‘New Born Remixes’ Palette


Urulu – Air Pacific EP on Cascine

Urulu’s New EP Colour Palette

This wintry colour palette is taken from Urulu’s recent EP ‘Air Pacific on Cascine. These colours in particular remind us of those times when time and space are lost on the dance floor, illuminated only by pulsating shades of deep and dark purplish blues. Use this colour palette to evoke this feeling on deep winter nights.

Colours in the ‘Air Pacific’ Palette

Urulu Full Palette

Suzanne Kraft – What You Get For Being Young

Suzanne Kraft’s New Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Suzanne Kraft’s latest electronic album called What You Get for Being Young. Filled with shades of strong melancholic blue, this palette is perfect for winter projects, especially where you’d like to pay homage to Kraft’s digitally technique of manipulated synths which spread across cold surfaces.

Colours in the ‘What You Get For Being Young’ Palette


Autechre – Amber Reissue on Warp Records

Autechre’s ‘Amber’ Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Autechre’s seminal album Amber from way back in 1994. Recently re-issued by Warp Records, the colours in the palette have a rather wintry tone which is pinned down by a light purplish blue sitting in a sea of pinks and reds. Use these colours in your projects to add a modern yet retro feel to your work, or to simply allude to all the goodness which one can still hear in Autechre’s Amber.

Colours in the ‘Amber’ Palette

autechre amber full palette

Jerry Bouthier – Yeah! on Continental Records

Jerry Bouthier’s New EP Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Londoner Jerry Bouthier’s debut solo EP called Yeah!  This unconventional Fall colour palette contains shades of Vivid Greenish Yellow, Brilliant Blue, Black, Vivid Orange, and Light Olive, a colour combination which alludes to the good vibes you will feel upon listening to Jerry Bouthier’s house track. Use this colour palette in your projects if you’re looking for extra punch and vibrancy.

Colours in the Yeah! EP Palette

jerry bouthier full colour palette

Lorenzo Senni – Persona EP on Warp Records

Lorenzo Senni’s New EP Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Lorenzo Senni’s latest album Persona. Filled with colours which remind one of warm cognac and shaved chocolate, this palette is best suited for those looking to infuse their work with rich decadent luxury, the kind that one might find while peeking through a hole at a members club, watching people attempt to dance to the forgotten sounds of trance music.

Colours in the ‘Persona’ EP Palette

lorenzo senni full palette

Tycho – Two Division Remixes

Tycho’s Two Division Remixes Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Tycho’s Two Devisions Remixes cover which features a particularly striking icicle blue. The palette is ideal for anyone who is looking to give their work an end-of-fall electronic vibe, or for those who simply wish to allude to the goodness of Tycho’s work in their own work.

Colours in the Two Division Remixes Palette


Loscil – Monument Builders on Kranky

Loscil’s New Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Loscil’s 11th album Monument Builders. The palette’s colours match the mood of the album, which is one of ambient darkness, desperation, and despondency. The colours follow a gray x black x red trend whick we’ve spotted in the recent album palette’s from Haioka, Carla Dal Forno, and even Nicolas Jaar. Check out the interview we did with Loscil earlier this year.

Colours in the Monument Builder’s Palette