Installation – The Unexpected Art from Falling Unconscious by John Noi

The Unexpected Art from Falling Unconscious in a new installation piece by John Noi which tells a sensory story of what happens when a graffiti artist accidentally touches an electrical line and falls to the ground unconscious.

In the exhibition, visitors are invited to step into a room where they are presented with a photograph of the graffiti artist, the exact moment before he falls to the ground.

After a few moments, the room suddenly turns black, and the soundtrack of what comes after the fall gently fades in – for the next 63-minutes.

The soundtrack, mixed by Noi, is inspired by the sounds the graffiti artist experiences as a result of the electrical currents enveloping his body in complete darkness.

The images and thoughts which appear in each visitor’s mind as a result of the soundtrack – and being immersed in complete darkness – ultimately become the artwork of what occurs when one falls unconscious.

Visitor’s are invited to experience this exhibition at the Style of Sound studio spaces. Spaces limited to just six people per 63-minute session.

Arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The Soundtrack

Style of Sound Summer Showcase: Go Satta

This year’s Style of Sound Summer Showcase brings together a collection of works from Detroit-native Moriah Nixon and Londoner Lee Boyd, otherwise known as Go Satta.

The duo have been making music together since 2013 and by combining their hugely eclectic musical tastes, they have created a sonic vision of the future.

The result? Intelligent, punchy, future pop, shot through with heavy reggae basslines, funky beats, disco grooves and unexpected diversions.

In this exhibition Lee and Moriah worked closely with the Style of Sound to produce a series of nine specially formulated paints, which when applied in bulk to any surface, reveals a ghostly image filled with colour. When the haptic paint panels are touched, one of nine songs from Go Satta are emitted from the paint as if by magic.

The sensation of each image is said to evoke feelings of the sublime and on occasion, the awe-inspiring power of “hot synth action.”

Visitors are invited to experience the Summer Showcase at Style of Sound London to experience the Go Satta exhibition firsthand. The exhibition runs until 7 September 2016. Arrive early to avoid the queues.

Exhibition: Natalie Beridze – Guliagava

In this exhibition, the Style of Sound whisks you away into electronic music artist Natalie Beridze’s world, where we’ve brought to life the enigmatic description used to describe her recent album ‘Guliagava’ in nine graphic panels.

For the last 12 years, Natalie Beridze has performed live concerts worldwide and is known as first female electronic music artist from Georgia, having released music in Europe on Max.E, Monika Enterprise, CMYK, Laboratory Instinct, Chainmusic, DADO Records and Apollo Records.

Like her previous albums, ‘Guliagava’ was recorded in Tbilisi. The Georgian metropolis is far from pop-cultural arteries, nevertheless its youth observes precisely what is happening outside, and installs that otherness in their own world with a delicate hand.

Come to the exhibition at Style of Sound Tbilisi to discover Natalie Beridze’s ‘Guliagava’. The exhibition runs until 31 August 2016.

New Acquisition for the Style of Sound: Pat Lok – My Own Throne EP

Style of Sound Vancouver is delighted to announce a significant addition to its modern collections – an EP by the Vancouver-based producer Pat Lok entitled My Own Throne.

This fantastic body of work comes courtesy of Kitsuné, the legendary French music and clothing label who are releasing the EP following the success of Lok’s previous releases ‘You Street’ and ‘Your Lips’ and numerous remixes, from Jarreau Vandal, Usher to Aluna George.

Lok’s My Own Throne is a complex work, weaving together themes relating to house music and the artist’s own life experience, something he sheds light on in a series of nine interview questions we posed to him.

This new acquisition reaffirms the Style of Sound’s commitment to extending its musical collections further into the twenty first century and beyond.

The Factory

The Factory is in a new installation created by John Noi where visitors are invited to experience a 55-minute music mix set in a disused factory set some where in North London.

Once inside, visitors are entrenched in complete darkness, that is, until the sound of the the Factory gradually fades, bringing light forth from darkness.

The Factory aims to re-create the experience of being lost in the depths of club darkness at 5am where the mechanical beats of techno music drive one to dance on until the sun comes up.

The mix that Noi prepared for this installation contains a selection of nine techno tracks which he feels currently exemplifies the ‘factory sound’.

Style of Sound Premiere: Voyage Sauvage 2 Mini Mix by Jerry Bouthier

Jerry Bouthier needs no introduction at the Style of Sound. As one of London’s leading DJs, Bouthier can be found at the world’s coolest clubs and cultural events, enchanting audiences with his latest musical finds, many of which can be found on the excellent electronic German label Emerald & Doreen.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that Bouthier recently mixed the ‘best of’ Emerald & Doreen’s recent releases as the second volume of its ‘Voyage Sauvage’ compilation series.

When asked about the mix Bouthier commented:

What I love most about Emerald & Doreen is that its artists aren’t too sure what box they should be put in. On the same EP you might get this, and this and that, always a mix of styles, which I find truly refreshing at a time when so much music is confined to rules and categories.

From shoegazing house to electronica, to lyrical synth pop to nostalgic italo-disco, esoteric ambient, melodic prog-techno, dreamy indie, girly reggae and everything else in between, ‘Voyage Sauvage 2′ breaks ground without leaving out the essential. It’s filled with solid tunes you will desire to listen to again and again and again.

We’ll be featuring the full length mix and revealing the amazing tracklist in the upcoming weeks!

Listen: House Of Bless Mix #3 – 2.5 Hours of Minimal Techno

Brace yourselves for 2.5 hours of minimal techo from Bless PR, one of the best electronic music PR agencies in the US!

*Bless Mixes are not intended for the promotion of solely Bless PR artists, but rather the sharing of underground music we’re currently enjoying. Therefore the mixes won’t be limited to Bless PR artists, and every month you can expect an eclectic mix of moods, artists, and curiosities.

Style of Sound Premiere: Haioka’s ‘Now & Zen’ EP

We’re pleased to be premiering Tokyo producer Haioka’s new single Now & Zen, the first of two singles to be pre-released in the wake of his second full length studio album from the forward-thinking Berlin-based label Emerald & Doreen.

In Now and Zen, listeners are transported into two distinct worlds which make up the Haioka sound. In Now and Zen’s title track, one is treated to a series of percussive moments which ebb and flow to create a mystic journey dotted with other worldly sounds.

On the second track 8 Million, Haioka takes listeners by the hand and diverts them into a different world altogether which is atmospherically urban and all blissed out. One could listen to this track on headphones all day wandering throughout the city of one’s choosing.

Needless to say, the single is a taste of all good things to come in full album format this November 2016 on Emerald & Doreen.

Check out the videos for Now and Zen and 8 Million below.

Now And Zen

Haioka – 8 Million

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/222368144?secret_token=s-9CM4N” params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Listen: This 60-Minute Mix from Nadja Lind Makes a Great Running Track

We like the pace of Nadja Lind’s latest Lucid Flow mix on Pioneer DJ Radio. The mix’s pace seems like it would make a great running track – if you’re into that sort of thing…

Track List:

1 – Bell Birds Dub (Yapacc Remix) – Klartraum – Lucidflow
2 – Bolle (Original Mix) – Andrea Caioni, Panicu –
3 – Fluorescent Snake (Original Mix) – Bardia F, Rhythm Box –
4 – New Dawn – Helmut Ebritsch & Paul Loraine – Lucidflow
5 – Perspectivertical (Original Mix) – Jules David – Triplepoint Publishing
6 – Vagus (Deep Mix) – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow
7 – Cesium – 137 (Original Mix) – Jules David – Triplepoint Publishing
8 – True Life (Original Mix) – Analyst –
9 – Ignore and Block (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow
10 – Chaos Realm – Klartraum (Nadja Lind & Helmut Ebritsch) – Wolf Trap Vinyl
11 – Soul Man (Arthur Hernan Remix) – Dany Deep – Happy Records
12 – Red Madam – Rhymos – Whistleblower Records
13 – Cube – Jon Donson – Lucidflow
14 – Bell Birds Dub (D. Diggler Remix) – Klartraum – Lucidflow
15 – Bagui (Original Mix) – K.A.M.A. –
16 – Say What You Feel – Deep Montage & Kaysoul –
17 – Vagus (Helmut Ebrtisch Remix) – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow