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Christian Löeffler

Christian Löeffler is an electronic artist who is known for blending wistful melodies, drum machines, and found sound into a mélange of melancholic emotion and feelings. His second studio album ‘Mare’ was released in 2017 and since then, he’s worked on various remixes for artists who appreciate the highly emotive style which he’s become known for. Christian resides in Graal-Müritz, a quaint city next to the Baltic sea which is two hours North East from Berlin.

What is the major inspiration behind your last album 'Mare? '

Basically it’s the place where I’m living now. We just moved into a small village with 4,000 people living there. It’s 300m from the sea so I can walk out to the water.

How would you describe your lifestyle in five words?

Calm. Routine. Free. Relaxing. Exciting.

When friends visit, where is your favourite place to take them?

There’s a beautiful half hour walk which is a coastal walk. There’s no direct path there so you have to hike through to get to it.

In addition to your music, do you also do any other forms of art?

Yes, I do painting, but since I’m touring a lot I do a lot of photographs.  Also I filmed the visuals for my last tour.

In the future do you want to focus on your music side or the painting side?

I guess it’s always changing over time because before music, I was really focused on painting because I felt it was the thing I wanted to do, but it never really worked out, so I switched to music. Sometimes I feel like I want to paint again.

What's your process when creating a new song?

Most of the time it’s a special state of a mind, so if I get a feeling, if I want to get something out, then I look for the medium. It’s just a feeling that I get to create something.

When composing a song, do you find it easy to find the finishing point?

For many artists it’s a problem but for me, I quite often finish it a little bit too fast. I feel like if  this idea is really good, maybe it could even be better, but maybe it won’t be better if I keep on going, so I’ll keep it like this and not to over-produce. So most of the time I stop too early.

Do you find yourself a rule follower or a rule breaker?

Maybe a rule breaker because I don’t really care. If I play in a club and there’s a dance night going on and the tempo is up, I like to go down to see what happens.

What are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening a lot to the ambient musician William Basinski, but yesterday I was listening to some of my older favourites like Death Cab for Cutie and thing like that. In my teenage years I was really into indie music.

If you could only listen to one song forever what would it be?

I would rather listen to no songs, or nature. There is no song that is good enough to listen to forever.

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