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Video Screening: Lebenswelt – Dalo’s Latest Sparkling Jewel

You are invited to visit our galleries to check out the premiere of the latest video to come from Dalo entitled Lebenswelt, the title track from the forthcoming album on Emerald & Doreen.

Following Dalo’s previous releases which can be described as an addictive blend of Mediterranian inspired chill wave and dream house mixed with a heavy dollop of zen, Lebenswelt continues on this voyage which incidentally leads to a destination in space, a place which is beautifully brought to life in a sparkling surreal manner.

Contrasting the otherworldly nature of the video, Dalo’s style is strongly rooted on earth, in the countryside of Italy where listening to growing vegetables can inspire lovely tracks such as this one – and more.

The full album Lebenswelt by Dalo is out on the 23rd March from all good music stockists.