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Daytona, aka Rubén Carrasco, is known for his timeless indie dance, nu disco, and synth pop sounds. His debut album ‘The Palm Tree’ was once described as “DJ Shadow doing Nu Disco.” His new EP ‘Spectacular’ is being released this summer on Emerald and Doreen and offers listeners some fresh surprises in addition to his fancy synth-work fans have grown to know and love. Rubén resides in Barcelona.

How did you select the name Daytona?

Well, the truth is that I saw it in a store. I investigated the name and discovered that it was a Florida beach, the type you see in typical photos of the 80s with palms, expensive cars, girls with roller skates etc. It sounded right for the project because this type of freshness is one of the most significant aspects that I usually give my songs.

What are you listening to non-stop?

Thru Spray Colored Glasses by Dino, Desi & Billy and Another You by Breakbot feat. Ruckazoid.

Which do you love about living in Barcelona?

The people, the streets, the beach, the atmosphere that there is at night, the music.

Your lifestyle in five What’s your motto?

If it makes you happy do it!.

Your lifestyle in five words?

Laughter. Friends. Melancholy. Love. And Nightlife.

What inspires you to make music?

Above all, it’s the melancholy and love that I feel towards everything that matters to me in this life, but a television series may also inspire me. Great artists, directors, and musicians also inspire me to look for different kinds of sound or just a beautiful sound.

Finish this sentence. Life is…

Life is bittersweet.

Where do people go who have similar music tastes to yours?

Possibly the most alternative clubs in Barcelona. Even if people do not listen to or dedicate themselves to this music scene, they frequent these places just to party.

What sound lulls you to sleep?

The Silence.

Where's the best place to recover from a big night out?

I think the best place for someone to recover from a night is in your home and in your bed haha. But perhaps a good place with food at the end of the night can be comforting and beneficial for your body.

If you could go anywhere for dinner tomorrow where'd you go?

I would go somewhere where they served me Roquefort meat with some baked potatoes with their corresponding sauce. It’s typical here to drink a cold beer and to finish with a typical Catalan dessert. It’s all delicious.

What’s a sure way to detect when someone is lying?

Tell him that they have told you something else entirely.

What do you feel has been your best track to date?

I have never considered what my best track has been, but I might say that Spectacular from my new EP is close. It has no samples and the bass and the guitar are recorded by a friend of mine. It has synthesizers, sound, disco with percussion and it could be said that it is my most complete track. It would suit any room perfectly where disco is played.

Are you more or a rule breaker or rule follower?

I am in the middle. I usually follow the rules but other times I do not care and I break them.

What brings a tear to your eye?

The lyrics of Joy Division. They are poems that tell very dark realities.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

My new EP that is released on July 27, many remixes and I hope many more fantastic and unpredictable things.

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