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  /  How to Find Any E-Mail

Method 1. Start by Visiting the Publication's Website

It sounds obvious, but it is essential that you visit any publications that you are not familiar with in order to find out:

  • What types of albums they cover
  • How often they publish reviews
  • If their content is engaging readers
  • And finally, how to submit music to them.

Most music publications will have a contact page where you can get an e-mail address or submit your tracks to them via a form.

Method 2. Sign-Up for a Free Account with Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a great way to get almost anyone’s e-mail address in under five seconds. All you need is a Gmail account .

With Clearbit connect you can:

  • Search for any music publication and people who work there
  • Search by name, job title, or role.
  • Learn everything about journalists including their location, job title, social profiles, and email address.

Best of all you don’t have to pay for anything. With their Prospector account you get 100 free searches which resets each month. If you want more searches just upgrade your account.

Now Clearbit Connect won’t have everyone’s e-mail address, but in most cases you can find at least one person who works at the publication, great for unlocking the e-mail formula to contact anyone at the publication, e.g. first inital.last name@domain.com.


Sign-up here

Method 3. Message them on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most easiest ways to reach out to journalists as nearly all serious journalists have some kind of a presence on the platform. To make the most out of Twitter follow these steps:

  • Look for the journalist or publication you are trying to reach and scan their feed to understand the types of content they enjoy talking about and sharing.
  • Follow them.
  • Send a Tweet to them asking if they accept submissions, perhaps mentioning that you enjoyed reading one of their articles or tweets. If your message is genuine you’re likely to receive a response.