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Exclusive Sophia Hamadi X Style of Sound Moonrise Mixtape!

This week we have a special treat in store for you. We recently met up with Parisian-based Sophia Hamadi, 1/2 of Opale, who has nicely put together a wonderful 70-minute mix for you.

We first came across Hamadi listening to Opale, whose signature melancholic analog keyboards and soft haunting voices whisk listeners somewhere in between a dream and reality.

In Hamadi’s dj mixes, one can still find traces of these elements, but they are translated into a steady flow of emotionally charged melodies and beats which make one want to dance all night – and then some.

It’s said that Hamadi plays cold, melodic, and dreamy music for nostalgics and sunset lovers.

About the mix Hamadi says, “I have chosen songs that I love listening to at the moment, especially when I relax at night.”

Make sure to check out the interview we carried out with Hamadi to find out more about her life and living in Paris.

Read the interview with sophia



  1. Boards of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden
  2. Roberto Rodriguez – Mustat Varjot
  3. Fort Romeau – All I Want
  4. Sol Weintraub – We Are Where You Are
  5. Hunter Game – Tree of Life
  6. Tevo Howard – The Age of Compassion (House Mix)
  7. John Tejada – Beacht
  8. John Tejada – Rubric
  9. Vuelo – Skatebard
  10. Donato Dozzi – S.T.
  11. John Tejada – Two 0 One
  12. Dominik Eulberg – Wenn es Perlen regnet
  13. Galcher Lustwerk – Kaint

The album artwork is by Rocío Ortiz, the other half of Opale.