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Have a question for the Style of Sound?

Check out the frequently asked questions first. If you don’t spot the answer to your question feel free to get in touch with us.

How can I get my music reviewed?

We don’t actually review any music on the Style of Sound. The Style of Sound is a new way for music fans to experience cities on based on the advice, mixes, and tracks from their favourite artists.

How can I get interviewed?

We typically invite those who we’d like to feature on the site. However, there may be a way for you to bypass all these formalities in the future. Interested? Send us a message with the subject line: Skip the Queue

How can I get my event on the map?

In the future we’ll be trialling a way for you to add events to the site. To find out when we’ve launched this feature please contact us. Add ‘events’ to the subject line.

How come I don’t see any tips for my city?

Good things come to those who wait right? As we speak to more artists the site will grow with nice recommendations. Let us know where you are located and we’ll notify you when we have recommendations coming your way.

Who started the Style of Sound?

The Style of Sound was founded by John Noi. Previous to starting the Style of Sound John was the founder of Spektacle magazine.

I thought you were a music blog?

Things evolve. The Style of Sound has been re-thought out so it’s more useful to our readers. While we aren’t a blog per se you’ll still find plenty of music here.

Where is the Style of Sound based?

The Style of Sound is based in ol’ London town. We can often be found in the cosy cafés, underground clubs, tasty restaurants, buzzing bars, vibrant art galleries, colourful parks, and other hidden gems recommended by the artists on this site.

What happened to the Top 100 lists?

Once upon a time we produced these lists, but found putting them together a bit daunting to maintain as it was truly a labour of love, not to mention very expensive.

Saying this, if you have a budget and need to know what sites generate engagement for any artist, festival, or specific topic, do get in touch.

Do you partner with other companies?

We’re open to ideas and partnerships. Please drop us a message with what you have in mind.