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Germaine-Nichol Hughes

Germaine Nichol-Hughes is a fixture of the international dance music scene  and is known for her forays into techno, acid, disco, house & electro. In addition to her own sets, she hosts DJs from around the world on her radio show called Germaine’s World on Salto Radio. Originally from the UK, Germaine lives in Amsterdam.

How did you get into DJing?

The late and great acid legend Andreas Gehm inspired me to push things further and through acid music, I felt a confidence and comfortability to return to the decks and be closer to the music as a dj.

What's your process for creating a set?

I think about the type of party, place or person who’s asked me to play. I like to select records in advance when possible. When that’s not possible and even when it is I most enjoy to wake up, roll a little joint, take a coffee and just think about what I am feeling, what I need to hear to begin a selection, then I just take it from there, whether I select that first track or not but I feel that’s when the process takes over and the music kicks in for me. Then i’m more focused and just make a played through pick, ultimately though it’s down to the crowd. When I’m playing if something I’m spinning isn’t working i’ll work my bag and jumble everything around.

What do you love about living in Amsterdam?

It’s hard to put a needle on what I love most about Amsterdam, I think about how much my life has improved by making the move here. I’ve travelled my whole life and there’s just something more about this city for me. Amsterdam is incredibly beautiful, I love Dutch architecture, and being close to water. I enjoy feeling so free on my bicycle and being able to travel anywhere within the city and to the many beautiful beaches surrounding Amsterdam. The music scene here is world leading & for me very inspiring, record stores such as Rush Hour Records, Distortion, Red light Records & Michael Vinyl make me feel like I got bases not just for buying records but also being part of a community that provides needed respite and record replenishment. I feel able to both relax and focus on my music here. It’s a very supportive environment for DJ’s.

What's your motto / life philosophy?

I’ve a few, i think you need way more than one. Facta non verba was my first. Mainly I like to rationalise life as o.k. as long as you can get up and have your conflakes in the morning. President Obama inspired me with his ‘’Are you fired up and ready to go’’ chant. I use it alot on myself and with friends. 

My favourite though is of my late great uncle Eddie and I think is the most true. He would say and really mean, “Here’s to the best and fuck the rest.”

Your lifestyle in five words?

Blessed, weird, wired, positive and simple.

What inspires you?

My family and friends. 

How is the Amsterdam music scene different from London?

You can’t compare or differentiate either in my opinion. Amsterdam is very unique and I will argue the best place for music both out on the dance floor or producing and playing. Scenes shift from place to place and I do believe it’s right here and right now.

What’s a sure way to detect when someone is lying?

I’d have to google that one John. How does anyone know? I try to surround myself with people who are true. Only through time do you discover what was the truth right? 

What albums create nice visual mental images in the 'dark'?

Surgeon’s  ‘Luminosity Device’ and Daniel Avery’s ‘Song for Alpha.’

What’s your advice for aspiring musicians and DJs?

Be patient and never give up.

Are you more of a rule breaker or rule follower?

RULE BREAKER arrrgggh!!!! Rules are mean’t to be broken aight?!

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018.


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