To kick off the week, I’m listening to Cinematique Visions latest podacst featuring the German duo known as Tool8.

Tool 8 are residents of the infamous BergWacht parties in Cologne, and from the sounds of this mix, they appear to love all that is melodic x techno sounding coming out on Cinematique and Manual Music.

Sounds good to me!


  1. Noraj Cue – Blossom (Manual Music)
  2. Anders. – T.rax (Axemax remix) (Cinematique)
  3. Nadia Struiwigh – Bit Bites (PHM remix) (Cinematique)
  4. Unicod – Extraball (Bullfinch)
  5. Boss Axis – Third Lake (Formel remix) (Manual Music)
  6. Noraj Cue – Universal Love (Jaap Ligthart remix) (Manual Music)
  7. CardioWave – Free Your Mind (Cinematique)
  8. Heinrich Mendez – Golden Emotions (Cinematique)
  9. PHM – Marionette (Strange Town Recordings)
  10. Martin Merkel – Tiefenrausch (Secondary Tones)
  11. Teho – Stuck In Reverse (Cinematique)

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