New Ambient Album from Haioka

Today we invite you to immerse yourself in two videos from the beautiful and enchanting ambient album Haioka created for the documentary film ZAN featuring the celebrated Japanese vocalist Yu Ishigaki from the Okinwan duo ‘Yanawaraba’.

Zan is a documentary about the last of the Okinawan Dugong, marine animals once believed to be mermaids with mysterious powers, and the people who strive to protect them.

Located in the outstandingly beautiful and bio diverse Henoko, Oura bay, the Dugong are facing their last stand as their feeding grounds are threatened by construction of a US Marine base.

The film follows Yu Kisami as he depicts the struggle between the people who are working tirelessly to protect the Dugong, and the government forces who wish to destroy the Dugong’s natural habitat.

The 13-track album being released on Emerald & Doreen infuse the lush water-filled scenes of Zan with transient waves of ambient bliss, suggesting that there may be hope for the Dugong despite their dwindling numbers.

In the video above for Tsuki Nu Kaisha, experience cinematic visuals taken from ZAN, and in the video below for Tales of Mermaids, chill out to more abstract imagery which evokes feelings for the plight of the Dugong.