Lexicon: Hypnotic

Style of Sound hypnotic

Lexicon: Hypnotic

Hypnotic is a word commonly used by dance music writers to give repetitive beats added excitement and intrigue. In fact, hypnotic can be used to make any song sound more exciting than it is, especially when hypnotic synths, hypnotic beats, hypnotic melodies, and hypnotic vocals are only just an adjective away.

As it were, hypnotic is used 23x more frequently in techno music reviews compared to everyday English.*

How Does Hypnotic Sound?

After a quick search, we discovered one can experience hypnotic first-hand via this track from 3 Channels’ SPEICHER 88 release on Kompakt:

It would seem like Kompakt would agree with us looking at their description for this release: “With SPEICHER 88, Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Wojciech Tarañczuk return to their techno roots and drop two hypnotic bangers with minimalist arrangements that can’t deny their monstrous impact on the floor.”

Everyone likes a good hypnotic banger.

Seven Hypnotic Examples

  1. “A truly hypnotic and compelling four tracker providing premium, deep dance floor cuts.”
  2. “You know the score; quality hypnotic techno bombs.”
  3. “Hypnotic techno from the outer edges of our galaxy combined with richly melodic, angelic and heavenly electronics on the deep space affair.”
  4. “This is expertly hypnotic, over sized and cavernous techno that will suck you in, sweep you up and trap you in a perfect trance.”
  5. “Hypnotic swirling synths, moisty hi-hats and dirty kicks welcome you to the laundromat of your mind.”
  6. “Hand clapping. Wow and flutter. The hypnotic sound of confusion.”
  7. “Dreamy melodies, chords and strings meet deep warm basslines and hypnotic drum machine edits to shape compelling and timeless pieces of detroitish music.”

What songs sound hypnotic to you?

 *Comparing our techno review corpus compared to the EnTenTen Corpus, which represents a vast collection of American and British English usage.