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Installation – Heard in the Cloakroom by the Style of Sound

The latest Style of Sound Exhibition takes a behind the scenes look one of the most essential, but overlooked roles in a night club – the cloak room attendant.

Let’s face it – no one wants to work in the cloak room, but life’s basic necessities such as food and rent inevitably force some of us into this undesired position.

The god awful hours, dealing with drunk club goers who have lost their cloakroom ticket, and even confronting coked-up management who don’t want to pay you for the night are just some of the downsides to working in the cloak room.

But perhaps the worst thing about being a cloak room attendant is the fact that you might be in the same building as some of the best djs in the world, but the versions of the mixes you get to hear will always sound like total and utter shit.

For most of us, we only experience this perspective when we are momentarily standing in a cub’s cloakroom queue, and the muffled sound of music combined with club chatter is something which is fleeting and totally forgettable.

But what if… you had to listen to music in this fashion for hours on end? For this exhibition, we designed an experience which will let you step into the shoes of the humble cloak room attendant to experience just this phenomena.

The Experience

When you enter this Style of Sound exhibition, you will be assigned a position in our cloak room (a tiny space indeed) where you will be invited to check in people’s jackets as they make their way to a bespoke dance floor we prepared for them to enjoy a mix we crafted for the exhibition.

For a solid 85-minutes, you will be forced to stand on your feet just so that you can experience first hand just how bad a mix can sound from the perspective of a cloak room attendant. Naturally, as 85-minutes is only a short time compared to a proper working shift, you will not be able to take any breaks (just like the real world) and will have to deal with various scenarios we throw at you as you tend your position.

Visitors experience the lack of joy working in the cloakroom.

At the end of the 85-minute shift, we will pay you the equivalent of what you would get working minimum wage to further drive in the point how dismal it is to work a cloak room, and as an additional task, you will need to brief the next visitor to the exhibition on how to do this job as you are relieved from your post.

Finally, you will be allowed to check in your own coat, and enter the main dance floor where you can experience the mix in its full glory, complete with free drinks and other party extras.

If you can’t work attend the exhibition in person, we invite you to listen to two versions of the mix we’ve prepared to replicate the two scenarios. Even without handling a coat, you’ll agree that a mix heard from the cloakroom is terrible.

Slots are extremely limited to experience the dismay of being a cloak room attendant, so we strongly suggest listening to the mixes instead to avoid being totally disappointed.

Heard from the Cloakroom Version

Heard on the Dance Floor Version