Cerulean Tower

The Low Down

A Question We Posed to Jerry Bouthier:

If you had the chance to go anywhere for dinner tomorrow, where would you go?

“It's difficult to pick one restaurant over another as every single restaurant I've been to in Japan from bottom prices to high end was interesting in some way. That's the beautiful thing in this country, food's never really bad, there's too much of a culture of taste and quality. So, I'll give you a tip that can be useful instead: the patisserie in the ground floor of the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya. As much as I looove raw fish, yakitori, udon etc after one week of miso soup and rice for breakfast I start to fantasize about croissants and camemberts, and that place is just the perfect antidote! You'd swear the stuff they sell had been made in Paris!”

Where to Go

150-8512, Japan

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