Dr Jay’s Ladies

The Low Down

A Question We Posed to Joanie Wolkoff:

Say I was to take a wander around Brooklyn with your last EP ‘Who Wouldn’t Fall’ playing in my headphones. Where would be the best place to start my journey and the best place to end-up?

“All the songs on Who Wouldn't Fall were written from a place of quiet, nocturnal restlessness. They're about longing and curiosity, but it's playful, too.

So. Wait until right before closing time at Church and Flatbush to do a little shopping at Dr.Jay's Ladies. Nothing crazy because you don't wanna carry a plastic bag of club wear around all night. Just buy a 12 pack of neon socks and stuff them in your back pocket or something.

Take off your headphones between the first and second song on my album so you can hear the soca and dancehall they blast.

Then head out past the Dutch Cemetery at the foot of a big 225 year old Flatbush Protestant church. The whole thing is made of Manhattan schist and falling apart so it's covered in creepy scaffolding. It should be getting dark by now, and if that block's not haunted, I don't know what is.

From there, you can weave Northwest-ish between the vibrant Caribbean main drag with its produce markets, gold and wig stores, and all the side streets peppered with stately, weathered Victorian homes.

Keep winding along and you'll hit the Southeastern most side of Prospect Park. Get in there. Sit in a dim clearing by the manmade lake under Brooklyn's light-polluted sky.

You'll see all kinds of stuff go down- first dates, Santeria rituals, poetry jams, illegal fishing. That's how I wish you'd listen to my last album.”

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