Galloway Forest Park

The Low Down

A Question We Posed to Curxes:

What do you feel has been your best piece of music to date? If it could be played anywhere in the world what spot would be the best place in to fully experience it?

"I’d be inclined to say the songs I haven’t released yet, although one of them was broadcast in Galloway Forest Park in Scotland for The Dark Outside. That seems like the optimum way to experience music, where you either have to imagine how it sounds at a particular time or you have to travel for a mysterious, ceremonial broadcast that may never be played again and, during which, you have to listen very carefully. It’s too dark to know if there’s anyone else out there and all songs are free from the tyranny of algorithms and brand alignment. No think pieces will exist the next day. A song on a streaming service has no equivalent pedestal or urgency."

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