Mercado de Sonora

The Low Down

Some Questions We Posed to Spettro:

Where’s your favourite place to take out-of-town guests in Mexico City. What makes it special?

“This is where the witches and shamans go to get supplies for their rituals.  It’s dirty, raw, and chaotic.”

Say I was to put on one of your Skuzzi Radio mixes playing in my headphones and was to walk around Mexico City for an hour. Where should I start and where would I end up to best experience the mix??

“Start at El Mercado de Sonora and explore the market for about 20 minutes.  Then jump on a camioneta (passenger bus with about 50 people crammed inside) and head to Zócalo.  Get off at any random street and walk around to explore for a bit,  Then, hop on an EcoBici (public bike system) and ride around randomly, enjoying the trees and architecture.”

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