The Low Down

A Question We Posed to Germaine-Nicol Hughes:

Say I wanted to walk around Amsterdam for an hour. Which one of your recent mixes would be ideal for this trip, and more importantly, where should I start and ultimately end up?

"I’d recommend you to listen to an hour from my weekly Germaine’s World radio show at Salto Radio. You’ll get a blended hour of my picks and a homegrown guest mix tracking your pace as you soak up this super sweet district.

Starting at Central Station I’d say walk to the old heart of the city, the Jordaan using Haarlemmerstraat which will turn into Haarlemmerjijk. You’ll be spoilt for bustle, boutiques, Broodjes (sandwiches) stops, coffee shops & bars.

Pass by toki for a matcha latte or cronut. Explore the backwater streets and canals here as it’s one of the prettiest parts of the city. Push across via marnix bowl, a super cute and very active skate park and end up over a bridge at Check Point Charlie for a refreshing belgium beer, curry worst and people watching op. The amsterdam based street artists London Police will be easy on your camera and clock you cool points."

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