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Kitsuné Maison Compilation 17 – MiniMix By Jerry Bouthier

We’re looking forward to the latest edition of the Kitsuné Maison compilation series – the 17th – coming out on October 23rd.

In this compilation, entitled The World Wild Issue, the Kitsuné Maison team has hand-picked a selection of acts from the USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France and beyond which will give you a taste of their ever-evolving sound.

You can get a preview of the compilation by listening to this mini-mix put together by Jerry Bouthier!

Who’s on the compilation?

1. Parcels – Herefore

These fresh-faced eighteen year olds hailing from Austra- lia’s Byron Bay are a bit of an internet sensation if their re- cently released debut EP is anything to go by. If their main strength could lie in their background in other formations of diverse sensibilities, they’ve now moved to Berlin as a fully-grown band in order to conquer the world.

2. Danglo – The Morning feat. Ivan Franco

Inspired London producer/DJ Danglo is a gem to cele- brate at once. His imaginative polymorphous house, refreshing and striking in a highly competitive scene, manages to convert novices as well as more clued-up on- lookers.

3. Chiefs – Demon ft. Beayz

Another Oz export, from Melbourne this time, produ- cer Chiefs brilliantly fuses a flock of influences with striking ease in typical Aussie fashion, and it works! The intertwined slammin’ beats, chewed & spat out r’n’b vo- cals, reggae offbeat chords build an original track that’s as addictive as it’s barmy.

4. MUNA – So Special

An L.A. trio comprising Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, Muna explores the realm of darke- ned pop. Unbridled lyricism, a folky verve and the sen- suality of r’n’b bring ‘So Special’ the qualities of an an- them ready to set alight stadiums.

5. Daunt – This Body Rushes

After his long-term band project fell apart, Lon- don-based Daunt took the plunge and decided to go solo. His groove-led tracks are simple and melancholic, evoking the ambiguities of modern life, which find us torn between solitude and interaction.

6. Bad Bad Hats – Psychic Reader

Kerry Alexander (vocals & guitars) used to record demos in her mom’s walk-in shower and sing 90s pop covers at open-mic nights until she formed Bad Bad Hats with two friends in Minnesota college. Four years on and, as testi- fied on ‘Psychic Reader’, the magic is in full swing.

7. JATA – The Curse

Young Berlin producer JATA jumps in the pool and be- comes an artist in its own right with a praised debut EP. Blending multiple influences like hip-hop, jazz and chillwave, lead track ‘The Curse’ provides an arresting kick-off.

8. Mylko – Animal

Dedicated to challenging the norms and popular concepts of music production and songwriting, Mexi- co-based duo Mylko focuses on atypical rhythmic mo- vements and unconventional sounds. No wonder they started off as drummers in music school.

9. Cesare – Want You ft River

Believe it or not, Césare Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira was a successful Brazilian footballer until he retired to Ipanema and started to produce mu- sic by the beach. Here he teamed up with female singer River for an infectious slice of sunny poppy disco that will leave you begging for more.

10. Kita Alexander – Go My Own Way

Another child prodigy made in Australia, Kita began sin- ging and playing guitar at 8. Busking with covers at her mum’s fruit stall on Port Macquarie market, she started gigging and hasn’t looked back, travelling to London and Los Angeles in search of collaborations.

11. Kafka Tamura – No Hope

Taking its name from the main character of a surrea- list Japanese novel, British trio Kafka Tamura met via Soundcloud in 2012 and soon their delicate indie-pop grabbed attention. Relying on singer Emma’s fragile yet powerful delivery the grand ‘No Hope’ oscillates between dream and reality.

12. MOTHXR– Stranger

The brainchild of Brooklyn producer Jimmy Giannopou- los and vocalist Penn Badgley, who waited patiently for a sound to form beyond their bond based upon an odd pop aesthetic, MOTHXR brings to life a modern outlook and a little melancholy.

13. Beach Baby – Ladybird

A London-based four-piece conceived in the musical- ly-rich halls of Goldsmiths College, Beach Baby’s crisp, US-inspired take on alternative pop hits you from the word go. ‘Ladybird’ has got singalong stamped all over.

14. Harrison Brome – Fill Your Brains

Harrison Brome’s gospel overtones and chilling harmo- nies suggest a hauntingly somber experience, evocative of the notoriously gloomy weather in his hometown of Vancouver. ‘Fill Your Brains’ takes a peek into the expan- sive range of potential this emerging artist has in store.

15. Grace Lightman – Vapour Trails

This London chanteuse doesn’t fail to impress on her de- but ‘Vapour Trails’. Conjuring up the lyrical extravagance and baroque sensuality of Kate Bush, Grace Lightman’s crystalline, honeyed voice ever so gently tugs at your heartstrings leaving you in a dazed state

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