Lexicon: Fizzing

Lexicon: Fizzing

Like a can of Coca Cola, music can fizz too. Songs which have buzzing or crackling sounds, usually caused by some kind of electronic voodoo, are often described as fizzing.

Fizzing appears more in the realms of electronica music in contrast to other genres, but that’s not to say you can’t find some fizziness in hip hop or even rock music since fizzy is yet another word which can make music sound better.

Within electronic music reviews specifically, you’re more likely to hear fizzing used more often, in fact 500x more often*, when compared to regular english. After all, when was the last time you found something fizzing in your life?

How does fizzing sound?

I have fizzing in my ears most of the time, so I might not be able to tell you if something is properly fizzy, but from what I’m told, this drum & bass track has some fizzing “Reese bass”.

However, I’m unsure of the fizzing quality in this track when you compare it to Kevin Saunderson’s original fizzing Reese bass from 1988. Do you hear the buzzy fizz?

Seven Examples of Fizzing

  1. “The broad strokes of the last track close the record with electronic drones and fizzing energy, a quiet disintegration rather than a triumphant explosion.”
  2. “The track is is a piece of windswept, churning bass full of fizzing, alien rumbles and deep, rattling thuds.”
  3. “Before the shimmering chords swallow it and plucked strings soar into view while get hit with a great wave of bass primed with a healthy bowl of fizzing chords.”
  4. “The Korg ESX-1 is still the clunky, beating heart of each track, slamming through with throbbing kick drums and fizzing hi-hats swung to the hilt.”
  5. “His ultra-mutated synth work conjures rich, fizzing textures and heavy pulse rhythms throughout the EP.”
  6. “Dust-soaked and fizzing with effervescent residue, these five tracks swerve and dive between subtle synth texturisations and deep-sleeping sullen house.
  7. “The title track gets things rolling with a sultry groove pervading throughout, crunchy claps add depth while fizzing synth lines and throwback yelps give it plenty of character.”

What’s fizzing in your life at the moment?

 *Comparing our techno review corpus compared to the EnTenTen Corpus, which represents a vast collection of American and British English usage.