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Liebe Revolution of Love

Listen Carefully: Check Out Liebe’s New Album ‘Revolution of Love’

Regular readers of the Style of Sound will have noticed our penchant for synth pop and there’s no place where this is more obvious than in our recent pre-summer megamix.

Towards the end of the mix (track 13 to be precise) once can find a musical gem called Riviera which is straight from the Greek synthpop duo Liebe’s latest release ‘Revolution Of Love’.

‘Revolution Of Love’ is the fourth studio album by Liebe and it is filled with eleven tracks of disco, electro and pure 80s synth pop goodness. Some might say the album pays homage to a time where Depeche Mode was master of the charts and Psychedelic Furs were the new indie.

Normally we would feature a playlist of the album’s tracks for you to check out, but in this instance, we’ve decided to give you a mini video tour of ‘Revolution Of Love’ which gives you a taste of Liebe’s sound and vision.

Revolution of Love

Vienna’s Dreams

Meet the Stars

‘Revolution of Love’ is out now on the excellent record label Emerald & Doreen.