Dayum. It’s been a while since I’ve put together a Style of Sound mix. So what’s one to do?

I’ve pulled together a selection of my favourite songs before Christmas takes over which is inspired by the winter solstice and the light which comes out of darkness.

Download it if you enjoy it!

Track List:

  1. Au Fond De Mon Coeur (Machinegewehr Remix) / Nouvelle Phenomene
  2. Relax (Original Mix) / Magnifik
  3. Catwalk (minimal electronica mix) / Kelly Holiday, Angela Burciaga, Daath
  4. Reach for the Stars (Original Mix) / Disco Doubles
  5. Driving to Your House Party (Original Mix) / Coupons
  6. Fun Day (Original Mix) / Alena Nice
  7. Sunk (Original Mix) / D Lewis L|A|D
  8. Final Mission (Original Mix) / Romrez
  9. Palace (Original Mix) / Dim Zach
  10. Desert Winds (Original Mix) / February & Mars
  11. Euclidean (9000 Miles Remix) / Texture
  12. Lights Go Down (Original Mix) / Until 33, Foucard
  13. Magic (Original Mix) / Doctr
  14. The Flames (Original Mix) / Marco Barotti

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