Today’s mix comes from Berlin DJ Nadja Lind, someone who is no stranger to the Style of Sound.

Lind is widely regarded as one of the most prominent djs of deep electronic, techno, house, dub, and minimal techno, but she is also known as the co-founder of the deep electronic record label Lucidflow.

To celebrate the ongoing evolution of Lucidflow, Lind along with fellow co-founder Helmut Ebritsch release a quarterly compilation called ‘Lucid Sounds’, and in their latest edition Lucid Sounds Volume 12, one can discover some of the best club house, electro, minimal and techno music influencing the international dance scene.

To show off just how good the compilation is, Lind has created a 74-minute non-stop mix featuring tracks from the likes of Brickman, Conrad, Klartraum, and of course, a few tracks which she’s produced herself.

You can get the full track list of the compilation via Beatport.


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