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Recipe Pina Colada

How to Make a Refreshing Pina Colada: Zimmermann x Bouthier Style

With summer soon approaching, we’ve always thought it’s never too early to start thinking about what you should be drinking outside, especially when it’s a well known fact that in public, people judge you by the drink your holding in your hand.

Way back in 2006, we predicted that the Pina Colada would be a popular cocktail amongst discerning music fans in 2016, and sure enough, traces of the Pina Colada trend are beginning to show up on drink menus across the world.

In you care to read on, you will learn the best method to produce this tasty beverage with little or no effort, but first, a little history on this tropical cocktail.

The History of the Pina Colada

Legend has it that in the 19th century, there was a pirate called Roberto Cofresi who needed to boost his crew’s morale. So what did he do? He fed them copious amounts of cocktails (as you would) containing coconut, pineapple and white rum, the core ingredients of what would be later be known as the Pina Colada.

It’s not recorded in history whether or not the cocktail actually induced any corporate grade morale-boosting, but according to hearsay, the pirates landed ended up at an island where the pina colada cocktail induced visions of four women dancing to future music.

After viewing thousands of hours of video footage, we believe that the pirate’s crew were in fact seeing Hamburg, Germany’s retro 80s star Peter Zimmermann’s new synth-driven music video called Indigo Island which you can view here:

The Pina Colada Recipe

Two centuries later, the Pina Colada recipe remains little changed, and it’s the symbiosis of coconut, pineapple and white rum which continues to make it a highly desired and tasty drink today.

At the Style of Sound, we’re all about creating interactive experiences, so if you’re really serious about learning how to make a Pina Coloda, you’ll need to follow our instructions below as described for the perfect drink.

Step 1. Ingredients

First, you’ll need to purchase some rum, some coconut cream, and some pineapple juice. We’re presuming that you don’t have these ingredients to hand, so why not make a journey to your local supermarket to purchase these items right now?

To get you ready for the goodness in store, we strongly suggest loading the following mini-mix of Peter Zimmermann’s new album from London DJ extraordinaire Jerry Bouthier onto your phone for on-the-go inspiration.

(You’ll obviously need to play this mix on your return journey from the supermarket too).

Step 2. Procedure

Now that you’re at home with ingredients to hand, you’re now ready to prepare your Pina Colada. Simply combine all three ingredients into a blender and press blend.

Ingredient ratios:

  • 1 part (50 ml) rum
  • 1/2 part (25 ml) coconut cream
  • 1.5 part (75 ml) pineapple juice

We suggest playing the following video clip below from Peter Zimmermann called Mr. Robot which serves two purposes. Firstly, it will help block out the noise of the blender, and secondly, it will remind you about the obvious drawbacks of falling in love with anything mechanical like blenders, but especially robots.

Step 3. Enjoy

Once your Pina Colada is blended, simply pour into a tumbler and garnish with pineapple or pear spears, and drink immediately.

But wait! Before you take a drink, we suggest that you watch this one final video from Peter Zimmermann called Tanzn which basically sets the scene for why you should be drinking a Pina Colada in the first place.

If you liked the taste of your Pina Colada x Peter Zimmermann x Jerry Bouthier, make sure you come back to find more goodness from our friends at Emerald & Doreen.

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