Check out the most popular tracks from Manual Music, MNL and Cinematique from the past year, all in one handy mix by Manual Music founder Paul Hazendonk!

Track List:

01. Dustin Nantais feat. Amber Long – A Long Road
02. Luis Junior – Pink Clouds
03. Lanny May – Chocolate Rabbit (PHM Remix)
04. Christian Bachmann – Premium (Applescal Remix)
05. Futur-E – Energy
06. Shane Blackshaw – Nobody Knows (Andre Sobota Remix)
07. Max Cue – Mindfulness (Teho Remix)
08. Alex Preda – Bucium
09. Alice Rose – Servant (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
10. Noraj Cue – Krankenhouse

Published by John Noi

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