Sterolab has long fascinated audiences of good music for the last 20 years, and for at least the last 10 years (when Stereolab was only just together), I’ve often wondered what happened to Stereolab’s keyboardist Morgane Lhote.

Apparently, Lhote has been working under the moniker of Hologram Teen, whose new music direction can be described as ‘motorik disco’.

This particular project was born in 2012 after a lengthy and colourful career in numerous other bands post-Stereolab.

Today we present the first single from Lhote who will be releasing two quirky electronica tracks through London’s Deep Distance label.

We can only hope that Lhote continues in the dance-driven direction of our favorite track of the two, Post-Apocalypteacakes.

Hologram Teen’s debut single will be out on November 9th.

Published by John Noi

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