With Moogfest soon approaching, we thought we’d give you seven reasons why you need to go to the best music, art, and technology festival in America, if not the world.

Taking place on May 18-21 in Durham, North Carolina, Moogfest is not only a tribute to Dr. Robert Moog, but it also a platform designed to grow a global community of futurists who explore emerging sound technologies and design radical instruments for change.

Sound good? Well it gets better because at Moogfest you will…

Walk away smarter every single day of the festival with over 100 of the world’s leading thinkers passing on their knowledge and experiences.

Never need to worry about getting muddy or wet in a field – just dart into one of the many installations peppered throughout Durham should a rain drop appear.

Experience a truly unique lineup that you won’t be able to see at any other music event this year.

Walk away with synthesizers and cutting-edge musical gadgets from the Modular Marketplace – if shopping is your thing.

Find it enjoyable to rest your feet in between music sets at the numerous venues showcasing films and video works.

Never have to worry about festival bros ruining your vibe since you’ll be hanging out with creatives and technology enthusiasts who actually care about music and art.

Magnify your enjoyment of music by participating in the numerous music, art, and technology based workshops, demos and masterclasses.

Convinced? Find out more about Moogfest below.