On the 24th March, 2017 we will be unveiling a special exhibition to celebrate the launch of Emerald & Doreen’s 2nd Label Retrospective Emerald & Doreen 200.

The exhibition focuses on the ‘best of’ Emerald & Doreen’s recent 100 releases, a collection of timeless music which has been mixed into an breathtaking journey by no other than French dj, producer, and sound-designer Jerry Bouthier.

Jerry is no stranger to the label, having mixed the excellent Emerald & Doreen compilations Voyage Sauvage Vol.1  and Voyage Sauvage Vol.2. Of his recent collaboration with the label, Jerry says. “I think every single track is worth its salt, not a dull one in sight, that’s great, well done, that’s what we want, the best of E&D.”

So what can one expect in this retrospective? Get ready to sail across a dance floor filled with shoegazing house blended in with electronica and lyrical synth pop not to mention nostalgic italo-disco, esoteric ambient, melodic prog-techno, dreamy indie, and everything else in between – all given Jerry’s special touch.

Below, we’ve treated you to a special preview of what’s to come in a couple weeks, but do come back on March 24th for an up & close look at what’s actually inside the exhibition.