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Presenting Loscil’s Exclusive Mix for the Style of Sound

Since the early noughties, I’ve been following Scott Morgan, aka Loscil, a talented musician from Vancouver who has released albums on Kranky and Ghostly, his most recent offerings being his fourth album, Plume, for the first time on vinyl format for Kranky, and on JAZ Records, a soon to be released 7″ called Sine Studies II.

I found Sine Studies II to be of particular interest as it’s Morgan’s continuation of the challenge set forth in Sine Studies 1, namely, to generate music derived from computer generated sine waves and no other sound source. Challenges such as Sine Studies II are characteristic of Morgan’s dedication to discovering new music forms.

The Mix

As luck would have it, I discovered that Morgan will be embarking on a European tour later this month (see the details below), and to help celebrate, he has kindly put together an exclusive mix for the Style of Sound, providing listeners with a unique glimpse into his music library.

The inspiration? Morgan says: “It’s mostly just inspired by recent encounters, interactions, collaborations with the talented community of people I know and love. I focused on recent works by friends and collaborators, with some of my own work thrown in there to make me feel like I belong.”

Want to find out more about Loscil? Check out this interview we did with Morgan while listening to the mix.

Read the Interview with Loscil

The Mix Track List

0:00 Rachel Grimes – In the Vapor with the Air Underneath – The Clearing (Temporary Residence) 2015

4:28 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Empire Systems – A Fragile Geometry (Room 40) – 2015

12:48 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – Last Tango in Dendermonde – Travels In Constants Vol.24 – (Temporary Residence) 2015

18:45 Lawrence English – Wrapped in Skin – Wilderness of Mirrors – (Room 40) – 2014

21:52 Christina Vantzou – Stereoscope – No. 3 – (Kranky) – 2015

28:00 Taylor Deupree/Marcus Fischer – Twine (12k) – 2015

33:52 Loscil – Serpens – Sine Studies 2 (JAZ Records) – 2015


Limited copies of Sine Studies II will be available on the Loscil European  tour, Morgan’s first since the release of his most recent album Sea Island.

20.11 – Church of St John-at-Hackney, London, UK
21.11 – Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht, NL
22.11 – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK
23.11 – The Eagle, Salford, UK
27.11 – Tiefgrund, Berlin, DE
28.11 – Festiwal Ambientalny, Wroclaw, PL
Dec 1, 2015 Prague, CZ Vila
02.12 – Fuga / Forum Absurdum, Bratislava, SK
03.12 – Le Bourg, Lausanne, CH
04.12 – Interzona, Verona, IT
05.12 – Il Bruco di magrè, Schio (Vicenza), IT

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