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Riccicomoto, aka Enrico Regini, is an established figure in the world of global dance music who’s grooved all the way from Hamburg to Ibiza and everywhere in between. His dedication to sharing and composing electronic music shows up in his weekly radio show for Ibiza Global Radio, his regular podcasts for Deep House Moscow, and his hour-long journeys and regular releases on Lucidflow records. Riccicomoto resides in Ibiza.

If someone was visiting Ibiza for the first time, which one of your mixes would set the tone of their visit?

Oh that’s not easy to answer… it depends on the mood of my friends… I do so many very very different mixes… mixes to really relax on the beach…a nd when I play in a club I do very different sounds… and when I do some afterhour sessions it is also very different… for friends I normally prepare a CD with five different mixes to enjoy some sounds while driving over the island and discover the marvelous places and energy of ibiza.

Something for the Beach

Dub Up the Club

Afterhour Session

What do you love about living in Ibiza?

Ibiza is my place to be;) …it is very open-minded and has got a special dynamic & energy… it is very international…u can meet a lot of very interesting people here…. here u will find wizards, witches & fairies showing u magical things… and if u like u can find the wizard in yourself.

How did you start making electronic music?

In my early childhood I was playing piano…but just 2 years…than when I was 10years old I wanted to play football like all my friends… so the piano was off…;)…as a teenager I was allways interested in music, but more as a listener and collector… than during the 90´s…I was working in a music-agency and was interested how electronic music is been made now ?!…and so I bought my first computer-programm and my first hardware (drummachine) and started to create some sounds…I did get easily into production…it was just big fun to me, to work with melodys & beats and creating all those different worlds of sounds… and than after a while I decided seriously “yes MUSIC, that’s’ what I wanna do with my life”.

Your weekly radio show has been delighting music fans for a long time now. How did you start it?

It is now 11 years ago…it was still the time of MYSPACE…I got a message from Jose Maria Ramon, asking me if I would like to do a radioshow for ibiza global radio…and I thought, wow, how did they find me in this mountain of DJ’s and artists ?!…and I was thinking ok, I will do it…but I wanted to do something different…in those days most shows at IGR where kind of shows with house music…and I decided I will do some mixes with electronica, jazz, soul, chill, dub & rare stuff…and I did call the radioshow “audio selfdefence”…with this name I was allways able to choose and to change my genres which I wanted to play with…so it is a big potpori of non-commercial sounds.

What’s your motto / life philosophy?

I think the “categorical imperative” worx very well for me… enjoy life / enjoy the moment & don’t be an asshole…;)

How do you know when you’ve ‘finished’ with a song? Do you feel there’s a natural stopping point or do you tend to do a lot of editing?

Normally I know very well when a track is ready to go… I work with ABLETON LIVE, for me really a power tool… u can work with a song and try different things and then after a while comes a moment and u decide to do a recording… and after recording u do some arrangement corrections and effects & final mixing… and then u need to “let loose”… maybe next month u would do the arrangement of the track very different or u would change a lot of parts… for me the “let loose moment” is also a very important part in the creative process…;)

Your lifestyle in five words?

Now + everything + less + enjoy & share.

If a close friend asked, and genuinely wanted, your opinion, but you knew they’d find it painful—for example, they are an artist and asks your honest appraisal of their artistic talent, and you think they’re lousy—would you tell him/her the truth?

Depends on the moment…can he take a serious answer right now…or is he right now in need to have a supporting answer… yes, it’s important to be honest, but sometimes it’s more important to support people with their dreams…and my opinion is maybe not the universal answer 😉

If you could take a one-month trip anywhere in the world and money was no issue, where would you go and what would you do?

I would take a lot of friends and go to have a CALIFORNIA TRIP… driving through the whole of California with some old VW-Camping Bus and then at the end of the trip a visit at the Burning Man Festival…

Finish this sentence. Happiness is…

A state of mind that needs to be chosen.

Are you more or a rule breaker or rule follower?

Breaker…I am italian…:)

Where is the best place in Ibiza for someone to recover from a big night out?

For me it’s my garden… nothing is better… in the summertime I sleep outside in the garden…waking up with the sun and the birds already recovering… later listening to some music and chillout in nature… perfect …for some maybe a beach might work well… others better stay in near the toilet… 😉

What brings a tear to your eye?

A good movie with a good story & the right soundtrack in the right moment… I am a cineholic.

What do you feel has been your best piece of music to date?

Not easy to answer…as I do so many different kind of genres… sometimes jazzy, sometimes dub and on another day I like to work on some techno stuff… but here are three of my personal favs…

Get Ready feat. ELIMAR

We Feel Too Little (Porn Fiction Album)


What’s the longest you’ve ever stayed awake? Do you think you could do it again?

No idea…!? I like a good party… but I love my sleep… and now in these days I know very well when a party is over.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

The season has ended here in Ibiza… and during the summer I had a lot of new ideas for new tracks… I will now select and work out those ideas into new tracks and EP’s… maybe there will be also some collaborations… with my friend MEGABLAST (Sascha Weisz) for example… I am not sure if there will be another release for 2018, I think the next release might be in 2019… but the best is yet to come!

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