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Something Spaecial Vol.100 – Jerry Bouthier Mixes Emerald & Doreen

We’re deighted to premiere the full video for Something Spaecial Vol.100. The timely birthday mix shows off some of the best and latest releases from Emerald & Doreen – selected and mixed by Jerry Bouthier

As sound-designer for Vivienne Westwood, ambassador dj for Kitsuné, and co-founder of Continental Records, the visuals created by Emerald & Doreen bring to life the spirit of the lablel, whilst paying homage to Bouthier’s creative output.

Bouthier explains, “In just a few years and over 250 releases (singles & albums), Emerald & Doreen has become the welcoming port of call to a wild zoo of explorer musicians, creative misfits and loony freaks… people making music too, refreshingly, not just money. This growing global gang of whacky racers shares a common thread, it exultes honest artistry whatever music breed it originates from. With a similar (art before business) stance, this label boasting a, pretty rare these days, enthusiasm for melody, almost 360 degrees open-mindedness to styles, bridges the past with the present and the future, creating a haven for all those who don’t wish to be pigeonholed in today’s simplistic music categorisations: cheesy pop or vacuous underground?

The theory that everything goes – as long as it’s musically possessed – rules here.

The mix is – as always with Emerald & Doreen – a journey into sound. Take your pick: space funk, trippy krautrock, luved-up electronica, spooky soundtracky, laser pop, nostalgic balearic, gothic techno, sexy robotic, acidy italo-disco, future reggae, druggy lullabies, spaghetti dub… The theory that everything goes – as long as it’s musically possessed – rules here. For me this is like the wild, eclectic spirit of The Haçienda in Manchester. You know the way Factory Records took rock sensibility towards electronic music and dance. It only takes one (or more) individual(s) doing things their way to kickstart a mad, unique project, and make a difference… change the world as we know it.”

He adds, “Discovering an E&D single with its lot of remixes shooting in all directions is like taking a walk in a magic corridor where each door opens up to yet another sound and the parallel musical universe that goes with it. Constantly developing new ground, if only by signing with youthful excitement more stuff never heard before on the label, Emerald & Doreen may not quite fit any of the blueprints of our Manichean music culture, yet its wonderful bric-a-brac catalogue is like a much treasured oasis in this era’s crowded music world plagued by players without much to say.

So it’s a privilege and an honour to be asked once more to sift through this record collector’s vibrant paradise and conceive an epic mix painting a colourful underground that knows no boundaries. Let yourself drawn in an aural experience mish-mashing repetitive beats, fat basslines, trippy sequences, jangly guitars, carnival 303s, ecstatic synths, iconic pianos, haunting grooves, mysterious moods, sci-fi psychosis, punky riffs, western twangs, Joy Division b-lines, sleazy percussion, abstract FX, wailing sirens and incantations…

It’s not so much about genres, but how good you can be.

In many ways Emerald & Doreen presents the perfect indie vision for 2018: total freedom to all those with character and gusto. Whatever you do, do it well with passion and some form of artistic merit. It’s not so much about genres, but how good you can be. How much inspiration and ideas you can bring to your piece.

I constantly pick and choose from E&D’s gargantuan, everything-goes, catalogue and never fail to come across those little gems, oftentimes a little unusual, that are going to sparkle in my dj sets and mixtapes…

If anything the label’s melodic sensibility is moving forward towards more thunderous weirdness and spaced-out moods, hell it’s 2018 and we ain’t laughing right now.“

Catch the video for Something Spaecial Vol.100 at Style of Sound’s London Galleries the entire month of May. Purchase the Emerald & Doreen release here.