Out of all of the albums I’ve listened to this year, I’d have to say that the debut Dim Zach album Exotic Composites is one of 2015’s best.

Better known as 1/2 of Greek synth pop band Liebe, Dim Zach recently decided to embark on his own solo project to further show off his love and mastery of 80s synth pop.

When you listen to the first track on Exotic Composites, you are instantly enveloped in lush beats which gradually transform themselves into synth-infused nu disco, cosmic, & smooth house across 12 tracks.

My favourite tracks on the album, ‘Boys Between Girls’, ‘Time is Running Out’, and ‘Palace’ remind me of a time when dancing in night clubs involved style and panache, elements which are increasingly rare in today’s clubbing era.

These songs pair well with anything on Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records.

Exotic Composites is released this month on the excellent Emerald & Doreen records.

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