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In an industry where a trademark sound makes artists easy to label and market, Spettro produces music that reflects the music he plays as a DJ. Spettro translates to ‘prizm of light’ in Italian, and there is no mystery why he chose this name — his sound encompasses the full spectrum of house and techno through the shimmering medium of dub. Spettro hails originally from the USA but now lives in Taxco, Guerrero.

How would you describe your ‘sound’ to a stranger in five words?

Hypnotic, dubby, bass heavy, groove.

Are you more of a rule breaker or rule follower?

With music, I’m a rule breaker. I’m always pushing the envelope.

For someone just discovering dance music, what are your three must-listen to tracks?

Oh boy, this is a tough one to pick just 3, especially since I love both House &Techno.  We’ll definitely have to go back to the 90’s.

How do you come up with ideas for your songs?

It’s pretty spontaneous. I put on my artist hat, and just write whatever comes out. I’ll typically do this for a few days at a time, and then I’ll come back with my producer hat and start editing and throwing away the stuff that doesn’t stick.

What do you love about living in Mexico City?

There’s so much to love about Mexico City; the trees, the parks, the raw and grungy feel contrasting the very modern and refined architecture. I also love the parks, the museums and the weather. The people in general are very friendly, too.

I recently moved to a small town in the mountains to be closer to nature; Taxco, Guerrero. I love Taxco for the mountains, the small town vibe, the weather, the views, the fresh spring water, the hiking, and the simple life.

What influences have had the greatest impact on your music?

Hearing music at places that have excellent acoustics and sound systems would be at the top of the list.  I heard quite a few sets at Ministry of Sound back in 2000 that changed it all for me at a young age. Sound systems such as D&B Audiotechnik at BPM in Mexico years ago really made an impact, too. One party at Row 14 during Sonar 2011 still sticks with me, mainly for the vibe.

Artists: King Tubby. Lee Scratch Perry, Renegade Soundwave, Kevin Saunderson, 90’s golden era House producers such as Kerri Chandler, Romanthany and DJ’s such as Mark Farina …all made an impact early on.

More recently, artists such as Truncate and Reeko have the sound I’m in love with.

What’s your motto / life philosophy?

Let go.

How would you describe the dance music scene in Mexico City?

Down for whatever.

What are you listening to right now non-stop?

Right now listening to a presentation about Ho’oponono by Dr. Hew Lin & Joe Vitale for the 3rd time in a row. I spend so much time digging for music and making music that I really enjoy the silence when I’m not working, or I put on a presentation about history or archaeology. I’ve been changing my patterns a bit lately by listening to old Techno mixes while I cook.

If you found an abandoned car with $100,000 in the back seat, what would you do?

I would start a non-profit to teach kids how to make music here in Mexico.  I would also buy gear for my studio.

Finish this sentence. Life is…

Life is about letting go of the past and allowing inspiration to flow through in the present.

How do you heal a broken heart?

Time with friends, time with nature, time spent being creative, and travelling.

Where do people tend to hang out in Mexico City who listen to music like yours?

There’s lots of events at Foro Normandie, Bajo Circuito, AM Local, and Americana Social Club.  Unless there’s a venue with great acoustics and sound, I typically prefer a warehouse style party. The Rockets crew will throw amazing events from time to time at random locations.

Where’s your favourite place to take out-of-town guests in Mexico City?

I really can’t name just one place to go.  I’ll break it down a bit:

  1. Parque Arboledas (inside the city).  My favourite aspects of the city by far are the parks and trees.  There are beautiful trees everywhere, all along the sidewalks and streets. There’s all kinds of pine trees, palm trees and just about everything in between.

Check out the destinations below for other places…

When you go out to see a DJ set what elements make an amazing set?

Selection, Programming, Acoustics.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

I have a new release “Guerrero EP” coming out around September 7 that I’m really excited about.  I’m also focused on a new weekly Techno mix show I do with Nadja Lind, “Skuzzi Radio”.

I also have two remixes coming up:

  1. Gog “The Message” (Spettro Remix) *  Coming this fall on Infradig (Mexico)
  2. Jeffrey Tice “An Ounce Of Bounce “ (Spettro Remix) * coming this fall on Subplot Recordings (USA)

Photo by Carlos A. Martinez.

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