Haioka’s New Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Haioka’s second album called Riwaindo, which is Japanese English (Jenglish) slang for “Rewind” – and coincidentally Haioka’s way of describing his art as tracing back the roots of Japanese music.

The strong Haoika black, grays and solitary red hark back to the olden days days of Japan, and when used in your own projects, they can evoke a feeling of tradition and sensibility – something which never goes out of style.

Colours in the Riwaindo Palette


Listen to Riwaindo

Upon listening to Riwaindo, one can’t help but to feel like one has stepped into a slow-moving time machine which whirrs back and forth between old and new Japan.

On the album, Japanese old style drums “Wadaiko” player Atsuhiro Cho supports Haioka on his musical journey and almost all unique drum sounds in this album are played by him.

The album also features Argentinian experimental artist and fellow Red Bull Academy Tokyo alumnus Plasma Rüby known for his latest remix for Nils Frahm.

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