Summer’s not quite here yet but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be an early adopter of good things to come. In this 78-minute pre-summer megamix, I’ve pulled together a selection of indie dance tracks from some of the best artists in the world. Enjoy!

Selected Artists to Follow from this Mix:

Pre-Summer Megamix Tracklist:

  1. Problem by Go Satta
  2. Crystals feat. ICELANDIA (Original Mix) by Ardency
  3. Feeling Bad (Original Mix) by Dilig0
  4. Kids (Original Mix) by Bottich
  5. First Time (A Copycat Remix) by Jaques Le Noir
  6. Neon Love (Original Mix) by Crockett & Tubbs
  7. Don’t Break My Heart (Original Mix) by Tiga
  8. Toop Toop (Olivier Koletzki Mix) by Cassius
  9. Wavering (JBAG Remix) by Reflex
  10. Sooner Than You Think (Original Mix) by Levantine
  11. Freedom Ltd (Original Mix) by BESTINSPACE
  12. Finest Hour (Original Mix) by Palisded
  13. Riviera (Original Mix) by Liebe
  14. Lost & Found (Amazing Police Remix) by Yann Dulche
  15. Girls From The Old School (Original Mix) by Kattch
  16. One Way Glass by Innerspace Orchestra
  17. Blue Grey Green (Discodromo Remix) by Indoor Life

Published by John Noi

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