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Style of Sound Premiere: Voyage Sauvage 2 Mini Mix by Jerry Bouthier

Jerry Bouthier needs no introduction at the Style of Sound. As one of London’s leading DJs, Bouthier can be found at the world’s coolest clubs and cultural events, enchanting audiences with his latest musical finds, many of which can be found on the excellent electronic German label Emerald & Doreen.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that Bouthier recently mixed the ‘best of’ Emerald & Doreen’s recent releases as the second volume of its ‘Voyage Sauvage’ compilation series.

When asked about the mix Bouthier commented:

What I love most about Emerald & Doreen is that its artists aren’t too sure what box they should be put in. On the same EP you might get this, and this and that, always a mix of styles, which I find truly refreshing at a time when so much music is confined to rules and categories.

From shoegazing house to electronica, to lyrical synth pop to nostalgic italo-disco, esoteric ambient, melodic prog-techno, dreamy indie, girly reggae and everything else in between, ‘Voyage Sauvage 2′ breaks ground without leaving out the essential. It’s filled with solid tunes you will desire to listen to again and again and again.

We’ll be featuring the full length mix and revealing the amazing tracklist in the upcoming weeks!

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