Please Read First

Hello! Would you like to submit a link/post? Just follow these steps:

  1. Prepare: Prepare your link, an image, and a caption. Images should be sized to 550 x 550px at 72 dpi. Captions should be 20 words or under. I’ll do final tweaks before publishing.
  2. Categorise: Think about what category your post will fall into. Select from the following: immerse, learn, listen, read, savour, watch.
  3. Send: Use the form below to send me your information. While I can’t guarantee your submission will be published, this is the first step. Thanks for your understanding and supporting the Style of Sound!


Do you publish music reviews or interviews? Nope. But we do publish mixes provided they complement what is on the site. If you have a track which you think will fit into a Style of Sound mix do send it over.

Will you create my artwork for me? Yes for a fee. Please add a comment in your submission and I’ll get back to you.

What kind of submissions do you accept: Anything around music, aesthetics, or ideas which would fit within what’s been already published.

Can I go over 20 words for my caption? Try your best not to. Any captions longer than 20 words will likely be chopped down.