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Synthwave Music: Transient Waves

If you’re looking to bliss out you have no need to go any further. We’ve got your synthwave music fix right here.

WE’VE COMPILED together our favourite synthwave and retrowave artists to create a mix which makes you forget about all your worries and problems  – for at least for 46-minutes.

Should you visit the Style of Sound galleries, you’ll be instructed to focus on the image of a surfer which is projected on a wall while the synthwave mix plays around the room – in full 4d sound.

The experience is said to induce a sense of calmness and well being, something we call transient synthwave art.

If you can’t visit the installation in person, we invite you to interact with the same image wherever you are, set to the full mix, by playing the video here.

What is synthwave music? The Wikipedia entry describes it as:

“Synthwave (also called outrun, retrowave and futuresynth is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. Beginning in the mid 2000s, the genre developed from various niche communities on the Internet, reaching wider popularity in the early 2010s. In its music and cover artwork, synthwave engages in retrofuturism, emulating 1980s science fiction, action, and horror media, sometimes compared to cyberpunk. It expresses nostalgia for 1980s culture, attempting to capture the era’s atmosphere and celebrate it.”

Transient Waves is live until the end of June 2018.