Jerry Bouthier – Yeah! on Continental Records

Jerry Bouthier’s New EP Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Londoner Jerry Bouthier’s debut solo EP called Yeah!  This unconventional Fall colour palette contains shades of Vivid Greenish Yellow, Brilliant Blue, Black, Vivid Orange, and Light Olive, a colour combination which alludes to the good vibes you will feel upon listening to Jerry Bouthier’s house track. Use this colour palette in your projects if you’re looking for extra punch and vibrancy.

Colours in the Yeah! EP Palette

jerry bouthier full colour palette

Telefon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit Fair Enough Re-Issue

Telefon Tel Aviv’s Colour Palette from Yesteryear

This colour palette is taken from Telefon Tel Aviv’s soon to be re-issued album Fahrenheit Fair Enough from 2001. While the colour palette certainly has a Fall 2001 vibe to it, enough time has passed inbetween then and now that it has become a trend palette for Winter 2017.

Use these colours before the 2nd December 2016 (when the album is re-released on Ghostly International) to be way ahead of the curve, or use them after this date to show your solidarity for old music that still sounds new.

Colours in the Fahrenheit Fair Enough Palette

Telefon Tel Aviv Full Colour Palette

RR7349 from S U R V I V E

S U R V I V E’s New Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from S U R V I V E‘S recent album RR7349. Use this palette if you’re looking to give your work a vintage, yet futuristic feel. In other words nu vintage, a quality you will find in this release from S U R V I V E.

Colours in the RR7249 Palette

s u r v i v e rr7349 full palette

Hieroglyphic Being – The Disco’s of Imhotep

Hieroglyphic Being’s Recent Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Hieroglyphic Being’s album The Disco’s of Imhotep. This strong colours in this palette are ideal if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your projects, or if you’d simply like to pay homage to the goodness of The Disco’s of Imhotep.

Colours in The Disco’s of Imhotep Palette

Hieroglyphic Being Colour Palette Full


Powell – Sport

Powell’s New Album Colour Palette

This colour palette is taken from Powell’s latest album Sport. In contrast to other colour palettes coming out now from his contemporaries, Powell’s palette contains shades of vivid yellow, pink and green. Use these rebellious colours in your Autumn projects to stand out bright & strong.

Colours in the Sport Palette

Powell Sport Full Palette