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Tokyo’s Boys Get Hurt Autumn Mix Tape


I’ve been a big fan of Tokyo-based Yuki Abe aka Boys Get Hurt who mixes and creates songs which falls somewhere nicely in between house, indie dance, nu disco, electronica, tropical, and chill music.

Abe gets his inspiration from the environment around him, where memories and emotions are transformed into melodies, beats and rhythms which frankly, make you want to dance.

In his latest mix called Ginko, one can hear this sensibility come through across 11 tracks, a collection which evokes that fleeting moment when summer turns into Autumn.

Check out this exclusive interview we carried out with Abe to learn more about this international tastemaker.




  1. Pyxis- Long time comin’
  2. Flamingosis – Floating Free
  3. George FitzGerald – Full Circle (Bonobo Remix Feat. Boxed In)
  4. Lane 8 – Ghost (feat. Patrick Bakerr )
  5. Goldroom – Embrace (Boys Get Hurt Remix)
  6. Julio Bashmore – Kong (feat. Bixby)
  7. Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk
  8. Percussions – Digital Arpeggios
  9. Notrious B.I.G – Going Back To Cali ( Serge Gamesbourg West Side Edit) (Clean)
  10. Private Agenda – Deja Vu
  11. Chris Mcclenny – Tell Me

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