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  /  Top 100 Most Influential Music Blogs and Publications

The SOS 100 is ideal for anyone who needs to know the top 100 influential music blogs and online publications in the world.

The first guide of it’s kind, the SOS 100 tracks the most important music sites that are actively engaging music fans today.

What Can You do With this Index?

The SOS 100 enables you to quickly pinpoint the websites you can leverage to help you with your music promotion efforts. For music fans, use it to discover new music sites and polish your knowledge of who’s who online.

Which music sites are included?

The SOS 100 includes online music sites whose main activity is to provide music reportage. This index excludes newspapers, radio stations, forums, video sites, and online message boards.

Discover new music sites

The music sites contained in the SOS 100 cover popular genres such as indie, dance, hiphop, pop, country and rock. Each of the 100 sites in this index are organised by the primary music genre they cover. Sites covering a little bit of everything fall into our ‘generalist’ category.

Are these sites the most influential?

We’ve found social engagement to be a good indicator of online influence as they are in essence digital word-of-mouth recommendations.

When music fans regularly share a site’s content over time in great numbers, the more influential it becomes, helping the site become ubiquitous – and trusted.

Our index is based on the total number of social engagement a website’s content received over a set period of time – in our case  over the last six months – and we counted social shares across Facebook (including likes and comments), Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin.

Whilst this method is not 100% fool proof it provides the best measure fo global music influence to date.