Top 100 Influential Music Blogs in the World

Sadly all good things come to an end and so has our list of the 100 top music blogs. However if you are an artist, label, or publicist we can still help. Scroll down.

Get Noticed Fast with Style of Sound Press Lists

Do you need to know which music blogs and other websites can help you spread the word about your music or event? We offer a service where we pull together customised press lists that reveal which websites generated the most engagement around a music release or event of your choice.

Be Smart and Mirror What Works

If you know a specific music release (or event) has a similar sound and vibe to yours, it makes sense to contact the publications who successfully covered that release to increase the chances of your own release being covered. Up until now, this information has been very difficult to come by in list form.

Get Started in Less than a Minute

We’re now offering a service which reveals this information (and more). All you have to do is tell us the name of the music release or event you’d like us to explore, and within 24 hours, we’ll send you a link to a password protected page that gives you the option to view and download your press list as an Excel or PDF file.

Our Press Lists Help You:

  • Build relationships with sites who have engaged audiences
  • Increase your success rate with sites who cover acts like yours
  • Discover new sites with readerships outside of the obvious names
  • Understand which markets to focus your efforts

Each Press List Contains:

  • Up to 250 websites ranked by total engagements
  • Only websites which generated 10 or more engagements
  • Journalist Names (where available)
  • Country for each website
  • And much more!

“The Style of Sound 100 is the most comprehensive and effective tool that measures social engagement among a diverse list of sites.  I love your guide and I hope you never, never stop doing them!” Penny Palmer, Head of Press, Nettwerk Music Group

A Sample Press List and What You Can Discover

In this example, let’s say you make glitched-out intelligent electronica which you think would appeal to publications who recently covered Aphex Twin’s recent Collapse EP. If you ordered one of our press lists here’s what you’d see.

1. Learn which Markets Generated the Most Editorial Engagement

When you first open the list, you’ll be shown a chart showing the countries whose websites generated the most engagement for this release. This insight helps you understand which markets to focus your efforts. In this example you can see that sites in the UK and USA are driving the most engagement. In total, there were 22 countries with 133 websites which generated 35K engagements from July – October 2018.

2. Find the Most Influential Music Sites and Journalist Names (where names available)

Next, you’re presented with a table which lets you explore all of the websites and journalists who covered the release along with engagements. Filter by market or website. With your order, we’ll show you a fast and free way to get the e-mail addresses for those journalists who aren’t reachable on their website.

3. Bonus: Discover which Music Retailers Rock

If we come across any music retailers whose sales pages have high engagement levels, we’ll make sure to let you know who they are. You’ll want to make sure your release is stocked (and talked about) by them.

4. Bonus: Understand which Platforms Spread the Word

If we come across any media sharing platforms that have significant engagement levels we’ll also point these out. These insights will help deepen your understanding where fans for this type of music hang out.

In this instance, you can see that all of the likes and shares generated by YouTube videos created nearly 4X the amount of all of the release’s editorial and music retailer coverage.

What does this mean? Your promotional strategy should include music videos as electronic music fans are heavy users of YouTube.

Trusted by the Best Music Sites in the World

The Style of Sound is trusted as an authoritative source for music intelligence by leading music websites such as Rolling StoneThe Line of Best FitConsequence of Sound, and Rapzilla just to name a few. Our insights on music influence have been downloaded over 20K times.

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Below you’ll find a selection of our most frequently asked questions. Have a question not listed? Feel free to get in touch.

What time frame do your press lists cover?

We look at coverage from the past last year.

Will my press list have as many sites as the sample?

We can’t guarantee a specific number of sites unfortunately.

What social media platforms do you research to determine engagements?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Can you do this for areas outside of music?

Yes – we can produce lists for almost almost any area.

Do you offer any discounts to students?

No unfortunately.