Top 100 Influential Music Sites in the World

Welcome to the latest edition of the Style of Sound 100, a compendium of the most influential music sites in the world.

In this update, you’ll find plenty of household names as well as a few new comers who have inched their way into the list.

Recently, we’ve seen quite a few sites attempt to mimic the Style of Sound 100, but to be frank, their lists don’t really reflect reader engagement and instead rely on stats like site visits, Facebook followers and other vanity metrics which are quite easy to game.

Over the last five years we’ve fine tuned our methodology, using tools which accurately measure the total annual number of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin shares generated from each music sites’ overall editorial coverage.

When music fans regularly share a site’s content over and over again, the more influential it becomes, helping the site become ubiquitous – and trusted – through what are essentially word of mouth recommendations.

To secure a spot in the SOS 100, a site’s overall content will have had to generate at least 242,500 shares over the year.

Whilst our method is by no means not 100% fool proof, it is currently the best measure of global music influence to date.

Who’s included in the SOS 100?

  • Online publications focusing primarily on music reportage
  • Sites which have regularly published content over the last 12 months (from April 2016 – April 2017)

Who’s not included?

  • Lifestyle magazines, radio stations, TV sites, newspapers, forums, online boards, and music aggregator sites (however there are a few exceptional cases which made the list that break this rule)
  • Online music shops and streaming music services
  • Anyone who’s been a fuckwit about this list 😉