Bloc is a multitude of things to different people. To some it’s a record label. To others it’s a trusted place to go in the heart of London to see some of the best dance artists around. And to others, it’s all of these things culminating in a yearly event held at Butlins Resort Minehead – this year being the last.

Despite Bloc founder George Hull calling these music fans (who have loyally supported this enterprise) “dull hipsters in broad daylight” in a recent Spectator article, we’d like to think instead that they are part of the backbone of what helps keeps the dance industry alive and breathing in the UK – and beyond. In this edition of our Tribes series we take a closer look at some of the folks who make up this group with a specific focus on their presence at Bloc 2016 in Minehead.

The Basic Low Down

Bloc fans are purveyors of dance music pure and simple. They primarily reside in the UK and regularly attend clubs and dance festivals to see djs and music acts such as those who played at Bloc 2016 including:

Alex DowneyDJ DeeonJohn HeckleOptimo
Alex.DoDJ SkirtJubeiPeverelist
Altern-8Dolan BerginKahnPlacid
Amy BeckerDom & RolandKavus TorabiPosthuman
Andrea ParkerEd Chamberlain plays BachKenny HanlonPowell
Andrew WeatherallEd DMXKowtonPromise

AnsomeEgyptian LoverKrywald & FarrerRødhåd
Appleblim & Second StoreyEvian ChristLakkerRrose
Aurora HalalFatima YamahaLakutiRubin
Automatic TastyFlint KidsLaurel HaloScott Fraser
Ben KlockFour TetLeah FloyeursShanti Celeste
Ben UFOGateway to ZenLeifSimon Lynch
BicepGoldie MBELogosSkunkrock
Billy NastyHelena HauffLoneSlackk
Carl CraigHipsters Don’t DanceLory DSP:MC
Carlos SouffrontHolly HerndonLuke HandsfreeSpace Dimension Controller
Ceephax Acid CrewIntergalactic GaryLyreSpeedy J
Dan BeaumontItaloJohnsonMagic Mountain HighSteevio & Suzybee
Daniel AveryJacques AddaMarco BernardiSteffi
Daniel MillerJames RuskinMarcus IntalexSteve Davis
Dasha RushJames TecMidlandSunil Sharpe
DatassetteJane FitzMotor City Drum EnsembleTama Sumo
dBridgeJeff Mills
Mr. MitchThom Yorke
DEBONAIRFloating PointsNina KravizTr One
DeFeKTJerome HillØ [Phase]Trade ft. Surgeon & Blawan
Demdike StareJimmy EdgarObjektUgandan Methods
Desert Sound ColonyJoe HartOm UnitVolte-Face
DJ BoneJoeFarrOmar-SVril
Alex DowneyDJ DeeonJohn HeckleOptimo

How do they sound like?

Bloc fans sound something like this, especially before they read a certain article in the Spectator:

And something like this after they read the article:

How do they look like?

Here are some photos of Bloc fans in their environment. Photos by the excellent Daddy’s Got Sweets.

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