Voyage Sauvage Vol. 1 Full Mix by Jerry Bouthier on Emerald & Doreen

Voyage Sauvage Vol. 1 Full Mix by Jerry Bouthier on Emerald & Doreen

If you’ve visited the Style of Sound over the last two years, you’ll have noticed that we’re quite fond of the German label Emerald & Doreen.

Emerald & Doreen is one of the few independent music labels today who actually takes risks with their releases – something which hasn’t happened a lot, well, since last century.

That’s why we’re excited about Emerald & Doreen’s new compilation series called Voyage Sauvage Vol.1, a non-stop mix gathering of the best from the label’s latest and forthcoming releases.

And who better to mix this compilation? Jerry Bouthier of course!

As a seasoned club DJ, half of baleariscopop act JBAG, catwalk sound-designer (Vivienne Westwood…) and first-class compiler for Kitsuné, Gomma and his own Continental imprint, Bouthier has serously skills in spotting and mixing good music.

What inspired the mix? Bouthier says, “It’s volume one of a new regular series that presents the best tracks recently released on E&D in a continuous mix so you can just press play and enjoy their current offerings without having to lift a finger. The guys at the label passed on to me their current pick of the crop and I used the strongest ones to my ears, those which worked best in the mix.

He adds, “I truly love this hard to pin German label that knows pretty much no musical boundaries other than the limits of its imagination. We hooked up almost by chance and our enthusiasm and appetite for music did the rest. I released another 1h mix for them a few months back, ‘Mystery Tour, my favourites in their already extensive catalogue, quite a journey, one of my best mixes.”

The special video above features Voyage Sauvage Vol. 1 in its entirety and would make the perfect soundtrack x visual enhancement for your upcoming holiday festivites.

Make sure to check out the exclusive interview we did with Jerry Bouthier to find out more about his outlook to music, mixing, and living in London.