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Welcome to the Relaunch of the Style of Sound

Hey there! Welcome to the new Style of Sound. No we aren’t a cafe but you might just get guided to a cafe, or even 100 of them if you come back often enough.

If you’re a music fan you probably hang out a lot and I reckon you know exactly where to go when you’re in the comforts of your own city.

But what happens if you travel to a new city to check out a gig, a festival, or just to go on holiday?

You probably Google the city’s name (let’s take London for an example) and type in something like ‘best restaurants in London, ‘best pubs in London’, ‘best things to do in London’, and so forth only to be underwhelmed by the top 10 results which have been SEO optimised to attract the clicks of tourists.

Or if you’re slightly more invested, you might purchase a city guide app which is crammed full of places to go, but let’s face it, most of the entries end up being aimed at people who are minted, or worse, at people who enjoy hanging out with other tourists at major landmarks, people who are satisfied with settling with the same experiences as everyone else.

There has to be something better right?

As it turns out there is. Personal recommendations are the way to go and who better to ask than people who are into the same music as you, or better yet, the people producing and playing out the music you love and enjoy.

From today, discover hangouts like cosy cafés, underground clubs, tasty restaurants, buzzing bars, vibrant art galleries, colourful parks, and hidden gems, all told through the words and sounds of  music artists from around the world.

To help launch our new project, we’ve invited a selection of our favourite artists to answer a few questions about their lives, their work, and where to hang out.

Why not check out what they have to say?

Each week, we’ll present to you new artists and hangouts to help make your next trip to a new city more authentic and enjoyable.



John Noi
Founder, Style of Sound